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Maintain consistency. Build transparency. Get a third-party management solution that won’t slow you down.

Give your team a centralized platform to organize third-party relationships without gaps.

Third-party management just became a few steps easier. And depending on your starting point, the difference between your current process and the Securimate platform may be like night and day. Securimate’s integrated third-party management platform enables you to centralize all of your third-party data in a single environment, streamline onboarding and renewal, drive workflow, and ensure ongoing monitoring of third parties through robust case management functionality.

Define custom profiles. Create credible and defensible risk models. Monitor gift and entertainment expenses. Manage and certify third party populations. Deliver training and education that’s easy to administer and far less complicated than common approaches. With Securimate, you can systematize all of the burdens associated with third-party FCPA compliance. It’s like a central nervous system to help you mitigate risk for your third-party management program:

  • Issue legal and compliance documents.
  • Manage multiple due diligence providers and choose from multiple scopes of investigations.
  • Generate key metric reports.
  • Customize alerts, reminders, and notifications.
  • Automate review and approval processes.
  • Track system-wide activity with robust audit log.
  • Track third-party compliance against your predefined compliance process.

Need a stronger justification for a systematic approach to third-party management? Open a Securimate account today and get started. Questions? Contact us for a free assessment at +1 (512) 287-2700 or email us at:

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