Securimate Solutions

Manage and monitor. Improve efficiency. Lower costs

Make supply chain management work wherever you do business. 

Stay in compliance globally and get a 360 view for your supply chain participants.

Securimate is the leading enterprise third-party management solution for some very good reasons. We’re the most sought-after solution that enables multinational companies to systematically onboard, manage, monitor, and audit their upstream and downstream supply chain participants in a single environment. And with our flexible workflows to help you achieve detailed analytics, we help customers ensure regulatory compliance, maximize supply chain efficiency, and keep you in compliance with complex regional data privacy laws.

  • Preserve continuity – Minimize business disruptions due to legal and reputational risks that your third-party supply chain vendors pose.
  • Maintain better transparency – Know your outsourcing arrangements, including those with your subcontractors and sub-subcontractors, and how they are conducting business.
  • Manage expectations – Implement a third-party supply chain compliance program that manages corporate social responsibility expectations, data privacy, and trade sanctions.
  • Stay in control – Identify and manage conflict minerals, export controls, product recalls, and data protection risks related to your third-party supply chain vendors.

Looking for a better way for your organization to remain in compliance while leveraging supply chain management on a global level? Open a Securimate account today and get started. You’ll see why we’re the best option for companies that need a seamless, one-stop solution. Questions? Contact us at +1 (512) 287-2700 or email us at:

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