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Gaps in monitoring. Lapses in record keeping. Undocumented parties.

Get ABAC compliance right the first time with a robust solution that was built specifically to meet FCPA regulations and DOJ/SEC guidelines combined.

Implement a compliance program that doesn’t fall short, and can stand up to the toughest international standards wherever you do business.

ABAC compliance shouldn’t be like walking through a minefield. That’s why Securimate offers an intelligent SaaS solution that’s designed with end goals in mind. From identifying your third parties, to onboarding, to monitoring, we give you a credible and defensible third-party compliance program that was built precisely for addressing FCPA regulations and DOJ/SEC guidelines combined. In short, it’s a complete answer that complies with the most stringent of international regulations – and reduces the scenario for multi-jurisdictional violations.

Our ABAC compliance solution addresses the following international regulations:

  • Enhanced transparency – Eliminate gaps and shortcomings that evolve through disjointed programs with multi-faceted compliance laws
  • Improved third-party identification
  • Robust monitoring
  • Onboarding of vendors and subcontractors

Whether your focus is on the United States with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the United Kingdom with the U.K. Bribery Act, Canada with its Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, or Brazil with its Clean Companies Act, Securimate can help you maintain third-party compliance regardless of how lax or stringent each country may be when it comes to regulatory enforcement.

Ready for a compliance solution that works in any country? Open a Securimate account and get started today. See why we’re the best option for companies that need an international solution with the toughest standards in mind. Questions? Contact us for a free assessment at +1 (512) 287-2700 or email us at:

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