Third-Party Management Renewal Process

“Winter 14 Release” increases productivity and helps streamline enterprise regulatory compliance efforts

Austin, TX, March 6, 2014 – Securimate, Inc., the leading enterprise-level third-party management solution for anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance, today announced it has released a series of new features and enhancements designed to improve the customer experience, including increased productivity in their third-party management and FCPA compliance programs. At the core of its Winter 14 Release is a streamlined third-party renewal process, achieved through enhancements that address users’ compliance and productivity needs. These include:

  • Automated renewal processing: Identifies discrepancies between renewal data and data previously collected requiring attention and adjudication.
  • Red flag review and adjudication: Pinpoints red flags and renewal discrepancies for efficient management and resolution.
  • Efficient document management: Makes editing and management of attachments more convenient for compliance administrators, third parties, and service providers. Duplicate contracts, due diligence reports and other documentation related to the third party or associated due diligence cases are consolidated, and files can be attached from many additional locations in the solution, improving compliance team efficiency.
  • Enhanced online training monitor: Allows compliance teams to actively track and document whether required training has been completed.
  • Expanded reporting and analytics: Increases the level of detail and usability of reports within the solution.

“We listened to our customers and proactively elicited their requirements. Our Winter 14 Release contains value-added improvements to functionality that drive greater efficiency, reliability, and usability,” says Jeff Saling, Securimate President. “This release delivers significant increases in productivity, particularly around the third-party renewal process. I look forward to announcing more customer driven innovations and improvements in our Spring 2014 Release.”

About Securimate

Securimate is the leading enterprise third-party management cloud solution that enables multinational companies to systematically on-board, monitor, and audit their sales channel and supply chain participants.

Using Securimate’s multilingual and flexible workflows, customers receive detailed analytics that strengthen sales channel and supply chain compliance initiatives, while adhering to data privacy laws and regulations.

Securimate’s user-friendly cloud and mobile interfaces allow customers and their vendors to maximize supply chain efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance. Visit for more information.

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