Gifts & Entertainment Expense Tracking

Securimate Delivers Gifts & Hospitality Tracking – Now Companies Can Be Fully Aligned with DOJ and SEC FCPA Guidance


DENVER, CO, October 15, 2013 Securimate, Inc., the leading enterprise third party management cloud solution, announced the release of its Gifts, Entertainment, Hospitality and Travel (GETH) expense tracking module in its Fall 13 release, available in late October. Building on its already robust third party management platform that enables comprehensive on-boarding and monitoring, Securimate’s GETH module now enables companies to track both incoming and outgoing gifts, entertainment, travel and hospitality expenses, detect violations of internal policies and procedures, and mitigate their risk by reinforcing policy with an easy-to-use and fully integrated software-as-a-service solution. Regulators are expecting policies and procedures that work, ongoing risk assessments, and appropriate disciplinary action when violations are detected. Multinational companies can now streamline their compliance process, create efficiencies, and get in front of violations. With GETH and third party data centralized into a single platform, Securimate’s latest module enables users, including employees and relationship managers, to enter transactions directly and, or seamlessly integrate and upload data from existing financial management systems. This is the first fully integrated third party compliance solution where compliance, audit and procurement can maintain denial lists of gift donors and recipients and produce powerful analytics about a particular third party’s GETH activity. Companies can be alerted quickly by monitoring transactions through a full audit trail of current and historical requests, violations, and resolutions as well as define limits of spending and giving, track attestations of company policy, route gift requests, and establish an approval and escalation process that fits their company’s size and complexity. Securimate’s private compliance cloud solution provides multinational companies an easy-to-use platform that creates transparency and compliance controls throughout their company and its third party ecosystem. Click here to learn more about GETH plus the other powerful features of the Securimate Fall13 release.

About Securimate

Securimate is the leading enterprise third party management cloud solution that enables multinational companies to systematically on-board, monitor and audit their supply chain. Through our simple, user-friendly cloud and mobile interfaces, authorized users can seamlessly engage third-parties, intelligently calculate compliance risks, automate the initiation, management and retention of data related to due diligence, track training and education, issue legal and compliance documents, track gifts and hospitality expenses, and monitor third-party business activity on an on-going basis. With Securimate, global companies have an intuitive multilingual private compliance cloud platform to support the legal, compliance, and procurement functions with valuable analytics that strengthens supply chain initiatives while adhering to data privacy regulations. In the increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment, Securimate makes compliance easy.


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