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Q: Does Securimate have functionality to search for publicly available data on entities and personnel?
A: Yes, Securimate provides an automated service to conduct searches of over 900 databases for politically exposed persons, legal actions, watch lists, and sanctions. The service is called Global Database Check (GDC) and is included in the Securimate 3P Monitor product. 3P Monitor may also be configured to run GDC at a scheduled interval to detect for updates to entities and personnel.

Q: Does Securimate offer online questionnaires for third parties to complete?
A: Yes, these are called due diligence questionnaires, or intake forms. They may be customized for each client’s compliance program needs. Additionally, Securimate offers the ability for multiple questionnaires to be created to suit unique compliance needs, different business units or by partner types.

Q: Does Securimate have a way to present our compliance training to our third parties?
A: Yes, Securimate can host your compliance training files, including materials that have been created with SCORM standards. Securimate can also host files which were created for use with a learning management system (LMS).

Q: Can the questionnaires be presented in languages other than English?
A: Yes, questionnaires can be supported in any language needed.

Q: Are the answers translated back into English if they are filled out in a different language?
A: The questions are presented in English in the Securimate interface for ease of review. The answers will be presented in the language submitted by the third party.

Q: What other communication can be translated to other languages?
A: Any third party facing emails or questions may be translated.

Q: Can Securimate host documents and link to them in the DDQ?
A: Yes, attachments may be added through the questionnaire interface by the third party, when they complete the questionnaire. Securimate users may also add attachments and categorize them for reporting purposes.

Q: Can our company be notified when one of our third parties completes a due diligence questionnaire?
A: Yes, the Securimate solution provides email notifications to your employee notifying them automatically when your third party has completed a questionnaire. Additionally, Securimate can also provide customizable email notification reminders to third parties that have received your questionnaire but have not yet completed it. These notifications are sent out automatically, and you can customize the e-mail message of these reminders as well as the timing of when you would like them to be sent out to your third parties.

Q: What set of permissions are available for Securimate?
A: The Securimate Software-as-a-Service interface is available for internal compliance team usage. There are three basic permission levels. “Administrators” have the permission access to administrate user accounts, make configuration changes and review all data. “Manager” level users may review multiple regions or departments. Basic “Users” can access the records they create. Securimate has a high degree of flexibility to create custom roles to provide the correct user level control on data visibility and tasks.

Q: What information is required to enter a third party into the Securimate?
A: At minimum, Securimate requires the company name and the country where the company is are headquartered. For the purposes of user access and other functionality, there is a requirement to select the third party and category. Type and category will be customized during the implementation process to match the characteristics of each client’s third party population.

Q: How does a customer receive support once the implementation process is complete?
A: Securimate Customer Success and Customer Support may be reached through an easy to use subscriber support interface embedded inside Securimate or via email at Each client has a dedicated and industry knowledgeable Customer Success Manager who will advocate for their clients’ needs, provide guidance and consultation on questions, and help with program refresh projects. Customer Support assists with day-to-day questions and production assistance.

Q: How long is the typical implementation?
A: Securimate’s goal is to work with your project leader to implement the features and functionality of your compliance program. Typically implementations take six to eight weeks.

Q: Is the Securimate platform accessible via a mobile or smart device from all countries?
A: You can access Securimate with an Internet connection. However, the site is not currently optimized for mobile devices. If you are accessing Securimate via a mobile or smart device you will be taken to the full desktop view.

Q: Can Securimate host our internal company procedures and training documentation including video files?
A: Yes, it can host your document files within Securimate. We can include Internet links to your company website for your users that will take them to where your video files are stored on your company website(s).

Q: Does Securimate currently support ‘Single Sign-On’ (SSO) access?
A: Yes, we offer this access control feature for our clients.

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